Have you been striving to see growth but it feels like you have nothing to show for it? Be encouraged in this post as I share the importance of your roots being strong. blossomingbrittany.co

Let Your Roots Grow Down

This is a picture of bamboo. Why am I talking about bamboo? What does that have to do with anything? Keep reading.   I've been going through it. Emotionally, it's been kind of rough. I've been frustrated with the process that God has me in. It feels...

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A real encounter with Jesus will change your life. Have you had a Damascus experience? blossomingbrittany.co

The Damascus Experience #03

I knew of Jesus. Definitely did. I grew up in church so I knew scriptures backward and forward. But even still, my life was in shambles. It wasn't until I had a real encounter with Christ that I began to see a transformation.   Is your life producing...

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God wants to help us live for Him. He sets us up for success. Read this post for simple truths from Philippians 2:13- blossomingbrittany.co

The Desire and The Power

I’ve been praying about what to share next here on the blog. There are so many lessons to share and so many things that God is doing in my heart and mind. I am overjoyed at the season of growth that He has me in....

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How being led by your emotions is dangerous to your well-being. blossomingbrittany.co

Turning A Problem Into A Mess

I did a YouTube video last week about getting control of your emotions and it’s funny because I was going through my journal and found my notes on the subject. I thought that it would be good to share with people. So I recorded the...

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Rejection can have so many facets in your life. Learn how to overcome rejection.

Rejecting Rejection

I have a couple of additional blog posts that are in the wings to release, but this is something that God put on my heart that I really wanted to share. I woke up this morning, translation, God woke me up this morning because He...

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Does your prayer life need a boost? How passion increases your effectiveness in prayer- blossomingbrittany.co

Hannah’s Passion

Why is it that our first response to stuff isn't prayer? Why do we devalue the power and strength that comes from praying?   Maybe I should just point the finger at myself.   This seems to be a lesson I'm learning over and over again. Like, I cognitively...

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Determining God's best for your life. BlossomingBrittany.co

Good versus God

This world of blogging is sooooo interesting. There are opinions about how you should do everything. The thing is that people are well-meaning, but what worked for them doesn’t mean it will work for the next person. There are hundreds of ways to do one...

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Faith should be seen in the life of a believer. Why do we have faith and what does it look like? Read more at blossomingbrittany.co

Visible Faith

Way back in school, I remember the teacher would send home math sheets. Honestly, I don’t have to go too far back to remember because my daughter brings these kinds of sheets home every week. (ugh) These math sheets generally have about 10 problems that...

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