Are you looking for ways to develop your relationship with God? Read this post for 5 things you can do today!

5 Ways To Build Your Relationship With God

I was in a meeting the other day and someone made a comment to me. He says, “You have a real, genuine relationship with God.” I didn’t quite think about it at the time, but more and more, I’ve found that to be true. Not to brag at all! I’ve gotten to a place where I’ve developed a real relationship with God. It’s intimate, honest and personal.


This wasn’t always the case. Not. At. All. Prior to my real encounter with God, I was a church girl. I knew of God but I didn’t get to know Him. I didn’t allow Him to be a part of my life. I grew up in church. My family was there almost every day of the week. Seriously! We were always there. I knew God as my savior, as my life raft.


Have you ever seen a one-sided relationship? Ever been in one? You know, where you’re their best friend but they’re not yours? AWKWARD! That’s pretty much what my relationship with God was like. My Facebook memories make me shudder because I can see how I was claiming God as my BFF but by the way I conducted my life, I’m sure He was giving me the major side-eye- the “I don’t know you” side-eye.


It wasn’t until I was arrested by God and had my Damascus experience that a real relationship began. I became more than just a church goer. It became more than just a one-sided relationship. I’m at a place where I can say God is really my friend. I love Him and I’m certain that He loves me. It is a very real relationship. But it took some work to get here!


Building a relationship with God is no different than building a relationship with anyone else. It takes some key things to make your relationship flourish and grow.


Here are 5 things I did (and still do!) to build my relationship with God.



Communication with God is done through prayer. Prayer is simply talking to God. Talking to Him all the time and about everything. Jesus, the very Son of God, prayed. All the time and about everything. One thing I’ve learned about prayer is that it isn’t just talking to God, but it’s also God talking to you. I’ve found that when I go before God and choose to quiet myself, He says so much. I may ask Him a question or for direction, but then I shut up. I just let Him talk to me. Communication with God doesn’t have to be formal. It doesn’t have to be time that you set aside in the morning or at night to pray, but it can be quite informal. In the car, just talk to God. Throughout your day, chat with Him. It’s much like shooting God a quick text message to just say hey. Or to ask Him a quick question. Frequent and consistent communication builds your relationship with God.



Another important key to building a relationship with God is transparency. Be real!!!! Just like building a relationship with a person takes openness and honesty, so does building a relationship with God. I struggled with this at first. I didn’t want to tell God really what I felt or what I was dealing with. But I learned that God can handle it. He can handle it when I’m mad. He wants to share when I’m happy. He can deal with all of my emotions and my moods. I’ve learned that being transparent with God has taught me more of who He is. It’s allowed me to see things about Him that I would never have seen unless I told Him how I really felt.



Building a relationship takes time! You can’t expect to build a relationship with someone that you never spend time with. Make time to spend with God. What does that look like? Inviting Him into every area of your day. Talk to Him while you cook dinner. Intentionally set aside time to get into His presence through prayer and worship. I’ve been known to go on adventures with God. I’ll go out to the park and intentionally spend with Him. I’ll bring my Bible, a book or a journal and choose to be with Him. Although you can’t see Him, you can be with God. He’s always present. We just have to remember that and choose to spend time with Him.



When you build a relationship it’s two-sided. You must get to know one another. What does He like? What does He not like? What makes Him smile? What are His priorities? God wants to reveal all of these things to us. When we spend time with Him, when we talk to Him and when we’re open with Him, we get to know Him. He reveals His heart and mind to us. And we share ours with Him.



None of these things are possible without this last piece. It takes intentionality to build a real, authentic relationship. Relationships don’t happen by osmosis. It takes you making intentional decisions to communicate and to spend time and to be upfront with God to develop a true, intimate relationship. One thing that I’ve learned is that I have to decide daily to make my relationship a priority. As soon as I don’t make it a priority, I begin to drift away. I have to choose to keep Him involved in my life. It’s a conscious, intentional decision to foster a deep meaningful relationship with God.


Being a Christian is about so much more than “after-life insurance.” It’s about more than a bunch of things that I can’t do. It’s about being in a relationship with THEE creator. With the God who created all things. With the One who rules the heavens and the earth. It blows my mind that God wants to be in relationship with me. It makes me want to take advantage of the opportunity to the fullest. And as a result, I’ve grown to love Him more and more.


What about you? How have you built a real relationship with God? In what ways do you see yourself growing in relationship with Him? Did you know it was possible to have this kind of relationship with God? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or message me.

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Are you looking for ways to develop your relationship with God? Read this post for 5 things you can do today!

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  • Chamel Evans

    11.09.2017 at 12:07 Reply

    Love this Brittany! I know for me it’s about being intentional and making God a priority. When I’m not in His presence, I feel it and I know that He must be first. It is so easy to get in the “check the boxes with Jesus” but it’s so much more than that. You are so right that He wants that intimate relationship with us and that comes from spending time with Him. Thanks for sharing this powerful reminder.

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